The overall health and wellness of our pet guests, clients and employees have always been our highest priority. Although we already have an extremely thorough cleaning & disinfecting protocol in place, we have focused on enhancing our procedures even further.   The following safety protocols are effective immediately.  

Our lobby is temporarily closed.  Contact-free check-in & check-out inside the lobby vestibule. 

Only one family member in the vestibule at a time.  Please practice social distancing if you are in line to check-in. Beginning Monday July 13, 2020, Public Health Madison and Dane County requires everyone (age 5 and up) to wear a face covering or mask in any enclosed building.  Please follow this protocol when checking in/out.  If you do not have a mask, let us know so that we may do a curb-side check-in/out. 


Please text us at 608-260-5700 to schedule your check-in time.  When you arrive, please step into the vestibule (double door area). Once inside the vestibule, please remove your dogs' collar, leash, slip lead, etc. and take them with you when you leave.  Using a slip lead of your own is ideal! Upon arrival, your dogs' Guest Card will be in the cubby.  Please review/update the information on the Guest Card and place it, along with their food inside the cubby. Next, a staff person will place a slip lead on your pup and escort him/her into the resort.  At that time, please take your dogs collar & leash and you may step back out. After you exit, the area will be sanitized for the next guest.


Please text us at 608-260-5700 to schedule your check-out time. Remember to bring their leash and collar with you. Prior to your arrival, we will place your dogs' belongings in the vestibule.  Once you are inside the vestibule and the front door is closed, we will open the door and release your pup to you.  For safety, we will stay inside the resort.  Please feel to take your time, enjoy some happy kisses and get your pup "dressed".  Please do not leave the resort until your pup has it's collar and leash on.  After you exit, the area will be sanitized for the next guest.


We ask all dog belongings, food and medications be limited to essentials and be well labeled.  During this period, we will not be accepting bedding and toys from home.  We have plenty of toys and cozy bedding on hand.


As advised by the CDC, If you or a member of your household becomes ill, please include your dog in your quarantine. 

Staff & Facility

1.  We have expanded and increased the frequency of disinfecting surfaces and deep cleaning throughout the day – front desks/counters, door handles, locks, turf, playrooms, suites, gates and restrooms.  Veterinary grade, and pet & human safe, Rescue Disinfectant, is used on all areas throughout the resort.

2.  Hand sanitizer has been placed at the front desk, vestibule and throughout the resort.

3. Financial transactions will be handled exclusively through your Owner Portal. Most of you already have a credit card securely stored on your accounts - we will check you out and charge your card as usual.

4.  Staff has been instructed to wash their hands prior upon arriving to work, before and after each client interaction and frequently throughout their shift. Staff is practicing proper social distancing and have no contact with one another.

5.   We have required our employees to take extra precautions, and have asked them to err on the side of caution, including staying at home if they are not feeling well.

6.  We will continue to closely monitor updates from the CDC and stay proactive in keeping our environment healthy and safe.

As always, we’re thankful for our team and your understanding during these uncertain times.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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